Green Policy



At Summerhill Guest Farm we are committed to working in a sustainable way. We are undertaking the following actions in order to achieve this:




We are very much aware of our impact on the environment. Our aim is to run  an environmentally friendly Guest Farm, happy in the knowledge that our efforts to be as ‘green’ as possible are made with no sacrifice whatsoever to our guests’ comfort, well-being, satisfaction and relaxation whilst staying at Summerhill Guest Farm.

The Guest House and farm’s daily operations are geared towards ecological preservation of the surrounding environment. By working together, we can create a safe and clean environment and ensure that environmental issues are kept at the forefront of everyone’s mind and given proper attention at all times.


Our Aim for Summerhill Guest Farm:


  • We comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
  • We reduce pollution emissions and waste. :  All leftovers are sorted and fed to the free-range chickens and earthworms. All our bio-degradable waste is processed through a worm farm which, in turn, supplies excellent and rich compost for our gardening and planting projects.
  • Although we have our own water and solar power we reduce the use of energy, water and other resources where possible.
  • Glass, aluminium cans, paper, tins, cardboard and plastic bottles are all recycled.
  • We have implemented practices that reduce waste. For example baskets for dishwashers must be fully packed before washing.
  • Other degradable kitchen and garden materials are used to make compost which is used in the gardens.
  • Old cooking oil is kept in containers to be recycled.
  • Cloth napkins and drying cloths are used instead of paper.
  • We use bio-degradable washing materials.
  • Ordinary tap water is served unless guests prefer to buy bottled water. In this case plastic bottles are recycled.
  • Energy-saving light bulbs are used where dimmers aren’t used. All unnecessary lights are switched off.
  • All clean water in jugs is re-used in the herb garden.
  • Hot-water geysers are fitted with time-delay switches.
  • Hydro meters are used to determine when it’s necessary to irrigate gardens.
  • Trips to town are planned to pick up staff and buy the necessary groceries.
  • As we are on a farm, we are able to produce much of the fresh produce ourselves. This includes vegetables, fruit, salads, flowers and eggs.
  • Where possible grey water is used to water parts of the gardens and wood ash from the home fires are placed on the compost.


At Summerhill Guest Farm we are committed to operating in an environmentally friendly way. Here are some suggestions on how to be a greener visitor:


  • Conserve energy – Please switch lights off and air conditioners when not needed and keep windows closed when heating is on. Please turn off the air conditioner when leaving the room and don’t leave it on while sleeping.
  • Re-use towels – towels are changed on the 3rd night of your stay to avoid wasting energy through unnecessary laundry.
  • Reduce, re-use, recycle – leave recyclable goods in your room and we shall recycle them.
  • Buy Locally Grown Products: An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy locally grown products
  • We follow organic farming practises
  • We buy recycled products and cut down on plastic wherever possible


We are very aware of littering and do our best to keep our environment free of litter. We ask you to do the same.