Pet Policy

Summerhill Guest farm has 2 pet-friendly units, in which we welcome furry guests. However, if you have a particularly unusual or exotic pet, please contact us to discuss their visit.

Please observe the following conditions if you wish to bring a pet to Summerhill.

Provide details of your pet at the time of making your booking. Please consider whether your pet is suitable to bring to Summerhill i.e. it will not cause damage to property or behave aggressively, chase our horse and donkey or disturb other guests.

  1. Depending on the size and type of pet, a maximum of 1 large pet or 2 small pets can be accommodated per suite at any one time.
  2. Please bring all the supplies you need to look after your pet during your stay. Bring your pet’s own bed, blanket, towels, food, bowls and toys. Please remember poop scoop bags, your dog’s lead, collar and any other essentials, such as medication.
  3. Please do not wash your dog in the unit. There is an outside hose (cold water) should you want to rinse off excess mud. Please bring your own doggie towel.
  4. Please clear away your pet’s “poops”.
  5. Please do not leave your pet unattended in the unit. It is very disturbing to us all, when they frantically miss you.
  6. Pets are not allowed on the furniture and beds.
  7.  Pets must be worm, tick and flea free.
  8.  Pets are brought onto our premises at your own risk.
  9. There is no damage deposit required but you will be accountable to cover any costs should any damage occur.

We request that your dog(s) be controlled at all times. Summerhill has 4 resident dogs, Daisy, Jessie, Pippin and Timba as well 2 resident cats, Tigger and Meggie, who keep well out of the way and can usually be seen on the roof or up a tree. Our dogs are used to doggy visitors and the best way to introduce them is to walk away and let them sort themselves out.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Summerhill.